Meet TLC’s newest members

Are you seeking a choir experience that combines musical excellence with a warm and welcoming environment? Look no further than The London Chorus. Some of our newer members share their perspectives on what it’s like to be a part of this esteemed choir. See how their experiences highlight the aspects that make TLC a truly remarkable musical family.

Musical Excellence

TLC prides itself on presenting a diverse repertoire. Claire Hughes (soprano) praised TLC’s repertoire, saying “The music we sing is wonderfully varied and we have sung in some lovely venues.”

From classical masterpieces to contemporary works, TLC embraces the challenges of tackling different
styles with confidence and finesse. Sue Hodson (alto), says the “wide variety of music, high quality concerts and fun rehearsals together with a super friendly group of likeminded singers” are the main selling points of the choir.

With the guidance of musical director, Ronald Corp, the choir consistently delivers high-quality performances that captivate audiences.

Friendly environment

One of the most resounding sentiments expressed by TLC members is the genuine warmth and camaraderie within the choir. Newcomers are swiftly embraced by the existing members, creating a welcoming atmosphere where friendships flourish.

Sue expressed her delight in the welcoming atmosphere, saying,”It’s such a friendly environment- I have loved getting back into singing after a long break whilst being busy with work and raising a family”.

Celia Diaz-Moore (soprano), said she found “a group of people who span a wide age range, who not only make wonderful music when they sing together but also are down to earth, welcoming, encouraging, and warm.”

Stress-free auditions

Prospective members often approach auditions with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. However, those who have auditioned for TLC were pleasantly surprised by the process. Jill Davis (soprano), found the audition “much less daunting than expected. Ron is very avuncular and merely wants to hear your voice, that you can read rhythm and to what extent you can hear harmony notes in a chord.”

Ron’s approachable and encouraging demeanour immediately puts singers at ease. “Ron made me feel comfortable”, says Celia. “He is able to accentuate the positive and good in a person and gently highlight where there is room for improvement.”

Outstanding opportunities

Members spoke enthusiastically about the chance to participate in large-scale concerts featuring renowned soloists and accomplished musicians. Jill high values the opportunity to sing “with good-standard orchestral accompaniment”, whilst Chris Stuart (tenor) sees TLC as “a good choir, who do big concerts, with top soloists and musicians in top venues, which is lots of fun”.

These experiences allow choir members to showcase their talents alongside professionals, creating unforgettable musical moments. From prestigious venues to charitable events, TLC’s calendar is filled with opportunities to shine and make a meaningful impact in the musical community.

Joining The London Chorus is an invitation to embark on a musical journey filled with joy, friendship, and outstanding performances. As expressed by recent members, TLC offers an environment that combines musical excellence with a warm and inclusive community. With an exciting repertoire, under the expert guidance of Ron Corp, TLC continually impresses audiences and provides its members with a fulfilling choral experience.

As Celia puts it: “A choir that has lasted 120 years must be doing something right!”